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Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Strategic go-to responses when communicating during high-conflict divorce.

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Learning to effectively communicate with a narcissist during divorce or a custody battle is an art form. These responses guide you to strategically communicate without engaging in the drama traps that are often set to ensare you in constant battle and damage your image to court professionals. A divorce coach can help you navigate through these tricky waters and help you effectively and strategically communicate to keep your image in tact and squash attempts to create turmoil by the narcissist.

  • "Your attempt to portray me in a negative light is noted".

  • "Your recollection of events differ greatly from mine".

  • "Your attempt to elicit a negative response from me is noted".

  • "I look forward to the day we can co-parent regarding these types of issues. For now I intend to follow the orders as written".

  • "I am requesting that you keep all communication business-like, non-harassing and civil".

  • "If I don't hear back from you by (date) then I will assume we are in agreement on this matter".

  • "Please contact your attorney to voice your concerns".

  • "Just to be clear, you are choosing not to follow the court order dated (Month, day, year)"?

  • "I will only respond to productive communication that focuses on the best interest of our children".

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