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How I got here.

After 16 years of marriage, I ended up in a high-conflict divorce lasting more than two years. Experiencing a harrowing journey through post-separation abuse left me with the conviction that I knew I had to help others in similar situations. At the beginning of my divorce, I was lost, overwhelmed, and completely
ignorant of the divorce process, let alone prepared for the difficult journey ahead of me.
One thing I knew for sure was that I had to protect my two precious daughters from the conflict and maintain some normalcy while my life was spinning out of control.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,
High-Conflict Divorce Coach,
Divorce Transition & Recovery Coach

Hi!  I'm Jackie Miller

Through my difficult journey, I realized that:

1) I could have been much more prepared going into the divorce

2) There were many steps along the way that would have made the process much more manageable emotionally and financially and given me the strategy I needed to navigate the court system.

Every divorce has its own personality, and knowing how to tackle the specific obstacles in your own divorce makes you feel like you have some control. Navigating the stormy seas of post-separation abuse can leave you exhausted and anxiety-ridden. If I had someone who could have helped me be more organized, informed, and empowered, I would certainly have hired them. In short, I needed a divorce coach.

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