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CDC Certified Divorce Coach® , 
High-Conflict Divorce Coach & 
Divorce Transition & Recovery Coach


Communication, Documentation, Strategy & Resources for all things "High-Conflict Divorce"


Why Your First Call Should Be to a Divorce Coach

Mastering the art of communicating with a high-conflict personality as well as strategically documenting events are key components to successfully navigating divorce from a narcissist. Presenting yourself in the best way possible to court professionals while protecting yourself from false allegations requires a special approach to this tricky situation. Learn how to remove yourself from unnecessary conflict and choose your battles wisely.  Having the right team in place to create an effective strategy is a key component when battling someone who is hell-bent on destroying you. Adopting the right mindset as well as understanding the pitfalls of the family court system is of the utmost importance as you face the challenges presented when divorcing a disordered individual. Jackie will work with you to create a plan and give you the tools you need to take on a high-conflict divorce.

Jackie is a Certified Divorce Coach from the CDC® program and has a certification as a High-Conflict Divorce Coach (HCDCCP).  She is trained as a collaborative law professional and is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association-Family Law Section.  Jackie is not an attorney and will not give legal advice. Clients should consult an attorney on all legal matters.  Jackie is not a mental health professional. Clients are responsible for engaging their own mental health professionals and are responsible for their own mental health. 

Book with a Heart in the Pages


Curated books to help you on your journey.

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