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I'm here to
show you how.
Jackie Miller

Freedom & Flourish

Break Free from Post-Separation Abuse

and Reclaim Your Life

"I used to wake up every morning with a feeling of dread. With Jackie's help, I now wake up calm, with a positive purpose."

K.R., New York

What if you had a roadmap to escape
post-separation abuse
and finally have the
calm, peaceful life you crave?

You Left an Abusive Marriage...
Now It's Time to Break Free from the Post-Separation Abuse.

  • You are locked in a cycle of control and manipulation

  • You can't move on with your life

  • Your world is filled with neverending drama and harassment

  • You want to focus on your future, but gaslighting and intimidation dominate your days

  • You miss out on quality time with your kids because of mental and physical exhaustion

  • You can't read texts or emails without serious anxiety 

  • You are still walking on eggshells 

                                                              .....shall I go on?

Jackie Miller, one of the first certified High-Conflict Divorce Coaches in the U.S., has helped hundreds of women successfully navigate post-separation abuse. She also hosts the popular podcast "Out of Crazytown: Your Guide to Divorcing a Narcissist."

Jackie understands the immense value of :
  1. No longer being at the mercy of emotional triggers.
  2. Developing healthy coping mechanisms to build emotional resilience.
  3. Focusing on personal growth.
"It feels so good to be living intentionally now, I don't want to be that old person.
Thank you Jackie!"

C.Y., Florida

I'm in your corner...

Fueled by a lifelong love of science and a passion for helping others, I have guided hundreds of women through post-separation abuse, helping them to understand how the abuse affects their own behavior and how they can regain control of their lives and envision a brighter future. Using the tools in this program, I overcame frustration, fear, and anxiety and took control of my emotions and my future. I can't wait to share what I've learned with you so you can flourish.

Freedom & Flourish is:

This is the only 8-week program focused on escaping and thriving from post-separation abuse. Freedom and Flourish integrates the science of abuse with modern mindfulness practices, helping you understand the "what" and "why" to make the "how" easier.

- The Program Will Run -

September 9th - November 1st, 2024

 (With Weekly Group Coaching Sessions on Wednesdays @ 12pm PST/3pm EST)

Image by Brooke Lark

Freedom & Flourish program teaches you to:

  • Recalibrate your perspective, energy, and attitude.

  • Break the cycle of habitual negative thoughts.

  • Create a skill set to take charge of how you feel.

  • Be part of a supportive community where you are validated and you know you are not alone.

  • Turn your attention away from negative people and situations.

  • Understand changes in your brain from abuse and changes from mindfulness practice.

  • Understand how you can control your internal response to external circumstances.

  • Have clarity that you are the creator of your life!

What You Get:
  • Weekly Coaching Videos (8) Each week, you'll receive a video in which I guide you to broaden your possibilities, clarify your vision, create a plan, boost confidence, enhance focus, shift perspectives, conquer fears, and stay accountable and positive on your path.

  • Weekly Written Exercises (8) Each week, to reinforce the lessons in the videos, you will use written work to relate them to your personal situation as I guide you to rewiring thought patterns and achieving specific goals tailored just for you!

  • Weekly Prompt to Integrate New Practices We will introduce small, beneficial practices to your daily routine each week, to create positive habits geared toward creating the peaceful, empowered life you deserve!

  • Weekly Zoom Sessions for Live Group Coaching  To support you on your journey, you will receive a Zoom link each week to join a group coaching session to discuss the week's triumphs and challenges.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group Join a private Facebook group dedicated to this program, where you can connect with others and share ideas to get or give support. Positive Vibes Only!

"Jackie not only validated my feelings, she helped me understand what was happening to me, showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, and gave me a roadmap to get there."

K.C., Salt Lake City

What We Cover

Using Your Brain
for Good

So you have a clear understanding of how to make your brain work for you, not against you.

Gratitude Rescue Plan

Having a plan for gratitude will save you in dark times. It's your ticket off of the struggle bus!

Roadmap to

Gain a whole new perspective on awareness of your thoughts and actions.

 Designing Your
Future Self

Your wishes and desires have no limits. Who do you want to be? You get to decide.


This powerful practice is incredibly exciting, you develop the visual blueprint for your future.

Affirmation Framework

Constructing and applying affirmations specific to you. Effective rewiring of the brain depends on these!

Positive Atmosphere

Safegaurding against negative influences in your life sets you up for success.

Rinse, Repeat

Nobody is perfect, but with practice, you can come close!

 Join Freedom and Flourish for: 

 1 payment of $997

 2 payments of $537 


Are you tired of feeling:
  • That they always get away with lying and bad behavior?

  • Frustrated that everything has to be done their way?

  • Like your attorney or judge doesn't see the big picture?

  • Like all control has been taken from you?

  • Like the fight will never end?

  • Like you're doomed to a dismal future of co-parenting with this person for years to come?

Are you ready to feel:
  • Freedom

  • Autonomy

  • Empowered

  • Peaceful

  • Relief

  • Lighter

  • Hopeful

  • Supported

  • Excited!

If You're Ready for Things to be Different,
Here's Your Chance


Have questions?
Wondering if this is the right program for you?

please email me for answers!

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