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Are you ready to dodge the...
Gaslighting, Lies &
Smear Campaigns?

Discover the secret to becoming bulletproof.

Join My FREE 4-day Challenge!


What You'll Discover:


Identify lies imposed on you by others as well as negative belief systems about yourself. 


Construct "truths" that will dismantle each narrative and reset the emotions & triggers associated with them.


Use your truths to build resiliency in mind and body to feel empowered and take back control!

"What I experienced after focusing on these practices was like having the clouds part and I saw how to take my power back."

S.D., Maryland


Meet Jackie Miller

Jackie is a high-conflict divorce coach and divorce transition & recovery coach and has been trained to help clients navigate post-separation abuse. Jackie has helped hundreds of women overcome the fear, anxiety, and frustration that comes with leaving a toxic relationship so that they can live a life of peace and joy. 

Jackie hosts the popular podcast Out of Crazytown: Your Guide to Divorcing a Narcissist. She also has a background and passion for science, which she integrates into her coaching so clients can apply the why as they implement the how and reach their goals sooner.  

The Challenge Runs From:
August 5th to 8th, 2024

Daily Video
Days 1-3

Short video to guide you through the challenge.

Daily Written Exercise Days 1-3

Quick exercise that follows the video for that day.

Live Group Coaching
Day 4

Join me live day 4 for a group coaching session.

*Shield Yourself from Gaslighting
*Be Teflon for Lies
*Reclaim Your Truth

Get Bulletproof,  It's Free!

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